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“Feel like I’m on a new level both personally and professionally. I’m glad I started therapy when I did and I’m glad I chose to work with the Men’s Therapy Center. Thanks.”
“I had a lot of trouble trying to start therapy prior to finding the Men’s Therapy Center. I like that you bill my out-of-network insurance and can help take care of the paperwork for me.”
“It’s been awesome working with Dr. Ross Nelson. He helped me learn and practice skills I needed to improve my relationship and lower my stress.”
“Men’s mental health is more important now than ever. The Men’s Therapy Center has made it easier for me get started with a therapist who specializes in men’s issues.”

“My life was a mess before I started therapy.  My wife and I were fighting all the time, I was falling behind at work, and I was just a shell of myself.  So glad I found you and that I reached out.”

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