Depression None-minimal

Your depression score indicated None-minimal depression

Oh snap —you've happier than a camel on Wednesday.

Treatment for depression is not recommended (nor needed) when scoring in the none/minimal severity range.

Keep doing what you are doing, Mr. Feel Good.

Anxiety None-minimal

Your Anxiety Score indicated None-minimal anxiety.

Hey Mr. Cool as a Cucumber!

Looks like you have all the chill. Your anxiety and stress are well under control.

If things change, we are here for you.

In the meantime, therapy for anxiety is not recommended.

Alcohol Abuse Low Risk

Your Alcohol Abuse Score indicated Low Risk

Looks like alcohol is not much of a concern for you at this time.

Either you don't drink or you currently have a healthy relationship with alcohol.

Cheers to moderation!

Anger None-minimal

Your Anger Score indicated None-minimal Anger Difficulties

By the beard of Zeus! You wouldn't know "anger" if it hit you in the face.

Therapy for anger problems is not recommended (nor needed) when scoring in the none-minimal severity range.

Life Satisfaction Extremely Dissatisfied

Your Life Satisfaction Score indicated you feel Extremely Dissatisfied with your life

As you may have guessed, a score at the "Extremely Dissatisfied" end of the scale means that you are very unhappy with your current life circumstances. If this score is due to a recent hard blow in life, such as loss of a loved one, then things may get better over time with the right support.

However, a score this low tends to be an indication of dissatisfaction across multiple areas of life and it is a good starting point to begin reflecting on why that might be.

Therapy is strongly recommended.

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