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Brandon B., LMFT


Brandon Breault

Session Fee: $225

Therapy Expertise

Self-Esteem Issues
Phase of Life Difficulties
Relationship Issues

Approach to Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Who I Help

I work with individuals who seek to shift potentially dysfunctional narratives about themselves that may no longer be working. I work with phase of life issues and get to the core of what one would like their life to look and feel like. I work to collaborate with clients who are in need of broadening their understanding of their emotions and finding ways to enhance their quality of life through this very important recognition. I work with men seeking to find their place and voice in the ever-changing landscape of our modern society. I work with individuals to help better understand their relationships and how they can fit into them in a way that builds continuity between personal needs and relational connection.

How I Help

I begin my work by building on the foundation of change which lies in the relationship and trust developed between client and therapist. That is often built by providing a nonjudgemental and excepting ear to the client. Sometimes it involves humor and laughter. The more relaxed we are the more we can explore. Collaboratively clients and I examine beliefs and feelings about themselves and their past. I may challenge dysfunctional thought patterns that may be inhibiting growth, happiness, and a connection to our true selves. We set goals and we move toward them. Additionally, I provide relaxation/grounding techniques to help reduce the daily stressors that we all face.

When not in session:

I enjoy playing guitar and writing music, playing tennis, hiking with my dogs, sitting in meditation,  reading books, and trying to make my kids laugh.

Education & Training

Graduate School
Phillips Graduate University

University of Minnesota-Duluth


License Number

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