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Not ready to officially start therapy yet? No problem. There are things you can do on your own to manage the stressors in your life. “Not Therapy” is our brand of self-help resources. It’s an inside look at evidence-based techniques and insights, all found on our “Not Therapy” TikTok channel and in our online workshops.
Our goal is to use TikTok and our online workshops to teach people — including those who can’t afford or access therapy — how to leverage evidence-based techniques commonly found in therapy to help them live a happier life.
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“Not Therapy” TikTok Channel

Men’s Therapy Center Founder, Dr. Ross Nelson, is the face of the popular TikTok channel Not Therapy. Follow our channel and learn evidence-based techniques to improve your life.

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“Not Therapy” Workshops COMING SOON!

Anonymously attend a “Not Therapy” Online Workshop and learn from our therapists. Presentation topics include “therapy 101,” dating tips, stress management, communication skills, anger management, and more!
Cost • FREE
Duration • 1 Hour

Hope you can join me this Monday - March 7th at 5pm PST for “Keep Calm. Stress Less.” Link is in my profile. Price: $19.95 for this 30-min tune-up.

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@nottherapy This is Not Therapy. It’s a therapist trying to convince you to be nicer to yourself. #mentalhealth #anxiety #depression #cbt #wellness #therapy ♬ original sound - Not Therapy

We got props from guys like you

“Feel like I’m on a new level both personally and professionally. I’m glad I started therapy when I did and I’m glad I chose to work with the Men’s Therapy Center. Thanks.”
“I had a lot of trouble trying to start therapy prior to finding the Men’s Therapy Center. I like that you bill my out-of-network insurance and can help take care of the paperwork for me.”
“It’s been awesome working with Dr. Ross Nelson. He helped me learn and practice skills I needed to improve my relationship and lower my stress.”
“Men’s mental health is more important now than ever. The Men’s Therapy Center has made it easier for me get started with a therapist who specializes in men’s issues.”
“My life was a mess before I started therapy.  My wife and I were fighting all the time, I was falling behind at work, and I was just a shell of myself.  So glad I found you and that I reached out.”

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