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We’re new around here…but we aren’t new to this

Thanks for checking us out. We began our journey toward reimagining men’s mental health care exactly 647 days ago. As practicing therapists, however, we are no strangers to the field. Our providers average 7.2 years of experience offering therapy to men.

The Men’s Therapy Center is an online therapy platform built for men. We offer individual therapy and self-help resources for men, young men, children, and their loved ones in California. We aim to make therapy professional, engaging, informative, confidential, practical, time-limited, and ultimately invaluable.

We’re inspired by the direct and critical efforts of other man-forward organizations including ManTherapy.org, Fatherhood.org, Hims, Movember, and others that are passionate about de-stigmatizing/ normalizing men’s mental health. We are working to revolutionize the way men think about, talk about, access, and recover from life’s various challenges. 

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We’re inclusively for men

Our providers are not gender exclusionary, but we do focus on men because, let’s be honest, guys often need help, but don’t seek it out.

Why? Well, there are a number of common reasons. For one, men can be stubborn. Others are frugal, impatient, and/or misinformed. Some simply lack access or don’t know where to get started, while others don’t recognize that their problems are “bad enough” for therapy. Stigma and vulnerability difficulties keep some men away from treatment. And the remainder don’t seem to have a good enough reason to get to work on their issues.

Going to therapy isn’t a mark of weakness. It’s a bold step toward feeling better and achieving your wellness goals.

It’s time to get over the old ideas of “manning up” and “shaking it off.” Seeking therapy has nothing to do with weakness. It takes real strength to work through your shit. As the mental health stigma changes, we recognize that there’s a need for therapists with a passion for addressing men’s mental health issues.

About Our Therapists

We partner with therapists with proven track records in offering evidence-based care and who have extensive backgrounds in working with men. We seek out clinicians who specialize in offering Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Our clinicians come from exceptional training and development institutes including:
Kaiser Permanente

Our lively, motivated, and relatable providers aren’t afraid to use humor or drop occasional profanity in session when it fits the moment. We pride ourselves on the quality of care we deliver and believe strongly in honesty, directness, confidentiality, and in offering culturally informed care. We keep the end of your therapy in mind right from the onset.

Men’s Therapy Center Founder

Ross Nelson, Psy.D

The Men’s Therapy Center was founded in 2022 by Ross Nelson, Psy.D., a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, online educator, and entrepreneur located in in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Nelson founded the Men’s Therapy Center to help men understand and overcome a variety of mental health and life problems and to remove barriers preventing many men from getting the care they need.

Dr. Nelson received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in 2011, and his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Santa Clara University in 2006. He completed his APA internship and residency training with Kaiser Permanente. He has served people in diverse healthcare settings throughout his career, ranging from homeless individuals in San Francisco and veterans in Oakland to executives and business professionals at some of the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley.

Dr. Nelson’s CBT expertise and entrepreneurial spirit led to advising for Sanvello, an early mental health CBT app, in 2015. He also served as the Lead Program Psychologist at Crossover Health from 2016-2019.  Dr. Nelson built a private practice in 2019, and hosted a mental health virtual summit on World Mental Health Day during the pandemic in 2020. In 2022, Dr. Nelson founded the popular mental health TikTok channel Not Therapy, and the Men’s Therapy Center. 

Dr. Nelson credits his father for inspiring his childhood dream of working in the mental health field.  Dr. Charles Nelson is a seasoned psychologist in San Diego, CA who specialized in treating trauma, substance abuse, and men’s issues. 

Dr. Nelson wrote his dissertation titled “Emerging Technologies in Clinical Practice: Current Trends and Future Directions,” in 2011, which was the first of its kind to evaluate psychologists’ current use of (and attitudes and interest in) unique emerging technologies such as VR, online therapy, and computer-based self-help resources (such as mobile apps) in their therapy practices.  

To learn more about Dr. Nelson, you can check out his profile here.

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